Rouge Dentelle et Rose Ruban

Once upon a time, nine young women, of all ages and all over France, who loved lolita fashion, ruffles, ribbons and laces…

The association Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban was born of this passion, created in May 2009 after a first failure (Symphonie Lolita). Its goal is to promote lolita fashion, to encourage and help artists and young creators (drawers, writters, musicians, fashion designers…), and, since july 2009, to publish a fanzine, “L’empire des dentelles”, in english and in french, about the lolita fashion and its activities.


Le Chemin de Briques Roses

Chemin de Briques Roses fond transparant

In May 2009, five lolita friends created Le Chemin de Briques Roses, a journalistic blog. Through lolita, they write about fashion, events in the community, culture and art. More localized in Ile-de-France, the collaboration with Rouge Dentelle who is acting throughout France became very logical.

Le Chemin de Briques Roses is an association since 2012. Its blog stays a priority, distinguishing it from other associations. 



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