Nelcha & X-Periment Tales

X-Periment Tales will be present on its booth during the two days of the convention. It will have two showcase : on Sunday at 5pm, on Monday at 3.30pm.

You would have seen Nelcha in the French show Nouvelle Star 2013 (American Idol / Pop Idol), broadcast on D8 in which he has won the theater and trio competitions. For the Lolita Convention, he will present his musical creations during a showcase and will sign his cds.

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In his world where bondaries between genres are confused, the fantastic and the cuteness have almost mixed up.

Confusion between male and female greatly inspires his work. As a great lover of the Japanese Culture, he borrows features from the Japanese musical stage to mix with french ones and create a unique style. Nelcha will tell you stories from other worlds, will make you travel far with his look, his mechanical dance steps and his hot voice.

Come, see… Enter in a world in which aesthetism is daily reinvented… Beauty is everywhere ! Nelcha will proove it to you.



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