François Amoretti

François Amoretti will sign his books on Monday, between 10 am and and 12 am. He will lead a lecture on Monday, between 1 am and 1.30am.

Restriction for book signing : François Amoretti will sign only 10 books on Monday morning (Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Gothic Lolita, Alice au pays des merveilles, Burlesque GRRRL tome 1). You will be able to buy them on the book store at the convention. He will only sign books bought during the Lolita Convention on the book store. As we want to give a chance to everybody, 5 “book signing tickets” will be give to the 5 first buyers on Sunday who want one, and 5 others tickets on Monday morning.

IMG_0005 copie

© Ultimate Psycho

Born in Provence, among Hokusai’s prints, François Amoretti already drew Fuji on the wall of his school. He has a violent passion for art and japanese medias, he loves stories about princesses, the Tales of Madame d’Aulnoy are one of his references.

Before studying Applied Arts at the Academy Penninghen in Paris, François already painted dreamlike girls. Then after some difficult years in Paris, he finally joined his adopted country : Japan. He made ​​his beginnings as an illustrator for various magazines, through exhibitions and contests (including the contest of the Contemporary Arts Museum in Tokyo, chaired by Tadanori Yooko). He met again the lolita movement, became part of it, and one of his artisic pillar.

Back in France, he met Soleil, his editor, with whom he published successively Gothic Lolita (French-Japanese bilingual book), Alice au Pays des Merveilles and Le Petit Chaperon rouge et ce qu’il advint dans le ventre du loup. He became famous thanks to his work with ink. Moreover, he ordered his feathers in Japan, the only country in the world where they are thin enough for his needs.
Today, François continues to cover his paper with pieces of dreams, but more freely, with his new work Burlesque GRRRL.




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