Antoine Kruk

Antoine Kruk will be signing his book “Look at me Tokyo” published by Eyroles on Sunday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.


“Look at me Tokyo” is a collection of drawings in which Antoine Kruk give tribute to the amazing ability young Tokyo inhabitants have to express their uncanny personnality : Lolita, Gothic, Kawaii, Pair Girls and other new urban tribes’ genres.

Through a multicolored veil, Antoine Kruk still conveys the typical Japanese behaviors embedded with docility and children mannerism. His style, also characterized by movement curves, calls back to Japanese old engravings. Fashion passes but still stay the Japanese touch and soul.

The book is divided into 4 great chapters in which you can find numbers of funny and instructive texts destined to describe the present Japanese culture.

The preface has been written by Kenzo Takada.

portrait rose sepia

During the Lolita Convention, Antoine Kruk will exhibit some drawings from “Look at me Tokyo” specifically related to the worlds of Gothic and Lolita.

Antoine Kruk is a Japanese and French artist born in Tokyo, living in Paris and working worldwide. Painting, illustration, advertisement, edition, design, fashion, costumes : everything that demands to be observed and drawn is a matter of study to Antoine Kruk.

To that extent, he doesn’t separate art from fashion or society. He takes his inspirations from the era in which he lives to translate into paper his contemporanry’s lives with elegance and humour. He touches to all domains : he last created a new T-shirt for Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris. He also has published a book of drawings on the Crazy Horse dancers, telling the everyday life in the sexiest Parisian cabaret. For now, he is working on a series illustrating the new millennium Parisian woman. He often illustrates for fashion or lifestyle magazines and exhibit his paintings from Paris to Tokyo.


m.niponettes rond masque


The galerie in which he exhibits

His website


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