Second Hand Stand

This stand allows you to sell your lolita clothes and accessories without having to sell them yourself and allows you to buy at a lesser price.

Please note the following rules for the good functioning of the stand.


– for security and for avoiding shoplifting, only five people will enter at once in the room.

– sellers will be welcomed when the Convention opens. Sellers can depose their items on Sunday from 1:00PM to 2:00PM and on Monday from 9:30AM to 10:00AM. Please be present at these time-slots if it is possible.

– potential buyers will be allowed to enter the stand on Sunday from 2:00PM to 07:00PM and on Monday from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

– The second hand stand is closed for the duration of the fashion show, on Monday from 2:00PM to 03:00PM


– You can sell or buy items if you have your ticket for the Lolita Convention.

– clothes and accessories shall be Lolita (brand or not) and can be refused if the rules are not respected.

– Clothes have to be on the seller hanger, accessories will be arranged by the organizers.

– You have to attach the tag bellow on each item.

– money from your sales, or your unsold items will be given back to you before closing the Convention. If you want to leave your items for the night on the stand, the Convention’s staff will not be responsible in case of theft/loss/deterioration.

– 1€ will be taken off on each sale of or superior to 20€, as a commission for financing the Lolita Convention.

– Only cash is accepted if the seller have not specified she accepts bank checks on the inscription paper (file below). In this case, the Convention staff is not responsible in case of litigation.


Dear sellers, please take notice of the rules of the second hand stand above and bring your items on the d-day. It will gain time for both you and the staff and ease the organization.

Please fill in the “seller’s form” and “tag form” papers and write CLEARLY.

– Seller’s form
You need to fill the following categories : “seller’s name”, “seller’s number”, “would you allow a buyer to contact you” and “check accepted or not”.
DO NOT FILL “I declare”. You will have to fill them on the stand after the organizers check the papers concerning the second-hand stand.
You have to fill the cases for “number”, “description” and “price” (do not fill “sold/type of payment). The description shall clearly identify the item with its brand, its form, its color and each detail permitting to distinguish from other apart from its number.
If you don’t have enough cases for all your items, you can print and fill in other seller paper.

-Tag form
Please fill in one tag per item. The items’ list shall complete the seller’s paper !Please make sure you have cut your tags before entering the Convention, for gaining time !


Second-hand stand – seller’s paper
Second-hand stand – tag paper

If it’s still unclear, here are two examples !
Sample seller’s paper (in french)
Sample tag paper


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