Report : the Lolita Convention takes a break in 2014

Dear friends,

Thank your for visiting the Convention Lolita 4 which occured in July 2013. This edition symbolized our maturity : we are very happy to last for now 4 years. However, the Convention Lolita will not be renewed in 2014, and will pause until 2015. We reflected for a long time upon this matter, and we consider this decision raw but realistic. This kind of event begins to be organized on September and costs a lot (renting fees, guests, food fees, etc.) which are payed mostly with our personnal funds. As you probably understand, organising this convention costs us personnally since we donate to our own associations in order to avoid budget deficit (without taking account of personal gifts for the annual lottery).

Our main objective is to create a convention for all, as testify the low prices of stands or the entrance tickets (10€ for two days). Yet these considerations do not allow us to make enough benefits for organizing other events, unless other conventions in which prices are much higher than ours.

Finally, we had very few monetary help this year. Even if our greatest funds are gathered for the annual anniversary lottery, our goodies (calendars and fanzines, sold at low prices for the hours we worked on it) were not sold enough to have funds, as for membership subscription for Rouge Dentelle et Rose Ruban association. Giving 20€ fees in exhange for several reductions to our events is essential for making our projects live. We surely didn’t communicated it very well to you, but this consideration is more for french people…

Taking a pause for the Convention Lolita is not only decided on financiary and organizing matters. Several of us need to take a breath in our personnal life and we won’t have as free time as before for 2014. For this reason, we decided to organize smaller events all along the year (tea parties, visiting tours, animations, etc). However, we think about organizing a bigger and exclusive event in July but smaller than the Convention Lolita and with limited entrance, in an exceptional place.

To conclude, we would like to thank from all our heart people, friends or acquaintances, who supported us for years, who voluntarily helped us during our events, who gave us the courage to continue the adventure with their sweet words, or those who helped the association by buying by-products and lottery tickets. Thank you for all your support !

Thanks to brands and creators of the Lolita Convention for your support and confidence.

Thanks to the visitors of the Lolita Convention, and to those who participated to the others events of the associations. We are waiting for you for our 2013-2014 events, which will be the year of the questioning for us, but also for you. It will be like a test, and depending on the support of the community for products and events we will propose, we will think it over for 2014-2015.

Do not forget that we are open to all ideas or activities that you can propose us (but do not forget budgetary constraints). In the same way, if you know places to organize events in Paris, we are open to discussion. And finally, do not forget to subscribe to the association in January 2014 if you want to help us.

Take care !

Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban
Le Chemin de Briques Roses

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